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Topic: Latency, Latency, Latency...HELP!

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    Latency, Latency, Latency...HELP!

    O.K. O.K. I\'m a Mac guy, so I don\'t have much PC experience. I\'ve downloaded two tip sheets on optimising Windows \'98 for doing audio and I still can\'t get less than 18ms latency.I have a PIII 800/ seperate 40gig drive for Giga files/ Windows \'98.

    I\'ll take any suggestions you have (I have already tried chanting).Thanks in advance!!!

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    Re: Latency, Latency, Latency...HELP!

    Are you using a soundcard with GSIF drivers?

    If not, apart from SBLive, you\'ll probably get latency at least as high as 18ms.

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    Re: Latency, Latency, Latency...HELP!

    Yes, I am using a GSIF card. Frontiers Wave center.

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    Re: Latency, Latency, Latency...HELP!


    I\'d talk to Kevin at Nemesys and see if he has a solution. Your gear sounds great and shouldn\'t do that.

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