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Topic: Film Score in One Weekend

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    Film Score in One Weekend

    I've uploaded my son's action spoof to the web. You'll need RealPlayer to view it.

    Nathan filmed most of the scenes on one weekend, edited and did special effects throughout the week, and completed the filming the following weekend. I scored the cues on that second weekend as the scenes were coming together. We burned the DVDs at about 4 am Monday morning.

    I'm not really looking for criticism, as I have a laundry list of things I would do differently with more time.

    Hopefully, you'll all enjoy it. It was an intense weekend with a very fun project. All in all it's about 10 minutes worth of music.

    2005: An Odyssey of ACTION



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    Re: Film Score in One Weekend

    You should check to see if the 48-Hour Film Project comes to your city.


    I did it last year, and it was a total blast. They didn't really plan enough time for post, AND the schedule kept getting behind, so at the end, I was writing music in "real-time" at the keyboard with a tweak here and there and running it across the hall to the editor. All at about 4 am. LOL

    I loved it.

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    Re: Film Score in One Weekend

    Did he ask for rewrites?
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    Re: Film Score in One Weekend

    Quote Originally Posted by midphase
    Did he ask for rewrites?
    He he. Yes, but very early in the cycle. If there was something I wasn;t sure about, I'd review it with him. More often than not he'd say, "that's great!". (Anything with blaring brass generally got that remark.) But sometimes he'd tell me that the emotional thing wasn't working. I especially got that with Ms. Espionage's themes. He would tolerate a couple of romantic chords, but would then want it to turn mean right away.

    I had the advantage of working in the same room as the director/editor, so we never got too far out of sync.

    It worked the other way too. I was able to request some edit changes that helped the musical themes. For instance if a scene revolves around one character, but a different actor or mood is shown first, then it can be difficult to score. In one case he didn't leave enough time for the monolith theme, so I'd have him slow things down a bit. That's a good challenge for editors: don't just set the timing for the picture, but set it to allow for the musical progressions as well.

    Regarding the 48-hour Film Project, they come to Portland on August 5th. We will see!


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    Re: Film Score in One Weekend

    Great film!

    I've done the 48-Hour Film Project twice now, with next running coming up next month (I do it remotely from Ohio for my brother's group in Atlanta).

    Definitely a must-do if you can manage it!

    - m
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    Re: Film Score in One Weekend

    Hi Jon,

    Enjoyed the film - but all I could think about was all the work. Lots of music to produce in only one weekend. Shooting this pretty lengthy filmin just two weekends is something too. But then with kids that age - they can still be ok without sleep, and I miss those days of being able to work endless hours. What made the realistic gun shots/fire? Is that just standard blanks?

    Best of luck with the film,

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    Re: Film Score in One Weekend


    My son says he's "totally flattered". The gunshots were all done in post. The sounds were from a sound effects disc and have some reverb applied. The muzzle flashes are graphics that were manually keyed in. Unfortunately, you miss a lot of the flashes on the web version, because they're only one frame long, and the low bandwidth video often misses those frames.

    Scoring video quickly is a blast. It didn't seem like that much work at the time, but it really focusses things!


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