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Topic: Computer setup for Gigasampler?

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    Computer setup for Gigasampler?

    To me Gigasampler seems like a resonable alternative to hardware samplers. However, from what I understand you need a somewhat powerful computer to eliminate latency problems. I will use a synthesizer in about 5 tracks in each song I\'m recording. Is it going to run smoothly with a Pentium III 256 RAM computer? I don\'t seem to get any answer to that question on sites around the web.

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    Re: Computer setup for Gigasampler?

    The computer sounds fine for Giga.

    When you say you\'ll use a synth in about 5 tracks, do you mean you\'ll use Gigasampler in about 5 tracks?

    Is your sequencer on the same computer?

    The types of patch can make a difference to how well Giga responds. There are some instruments which are made of many many large samples. These are the most likely to show up any weakness in your system.

    Please give more details of your system and the type of things you\'ll run on it, so that the others here can offer better advice.

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    Re: Computer setup for Gigasampler?

    I really appreciate you answering these questions of mine.

    Well, the thing is I haven\'t bought a computer yet, and also I\'m not quite sure about how many real-time signal processors, such as reverb etc., I\'m going to use. But a typical song I would record would be:
    Audio: guitar, bass, voice
    Midi: drums, piano or rhodes, strings, hornsection, and maybe a synth sound

    I want to use my computer to emulate the Giga sounds as well as record them to a sequencer. (BTW do I need a multiclient soundcard for that?)

    Am I asking to much of such a computer as mentioned above?

    Thanks again

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