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Topic: Gigastudio systems revealed

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    Gigastudio systems revealed

    I encourage everyone to post their system specs for their Gigastudio computers, who built them, and how they are working, the purpose of which is to share information, inform Nemesys, and contribute to a happier community, especially all you Mac guys who are still trying to find where Chooser is

    Here\'s my standalone Gigastudio system which I built:

    * Tyan Trinity 400 (S1854) Motherboard w/VIA chipset
    * Slot 370 Intel Pentium III 800MHz Coppermine processor
    * 768 MB PC133 SDRAM (NEC)
    * NVidia RIVA TNT 16MB AGP 2x video card
    * Adaptec AHA-2940U2W SCSI controller
    * Seagate Cheetah SCSI 73.4 GB 10000rpm HDD
    * Maxtor DiamondMax +40 IDE 20.4GB 7200rpm HDD (Sytem drive)
    * Maxtor DiamondMax +40 IDE 40.9GB 7200rpm HDD (Removable)
    * Promise Technology Hot Swap Drive Bay
    * Tascam CD Burner Pro (SCSI)
    * EgoSys WaMi Rack 24 Professional 24bit 8ch Audio/64 ch MIDI/SMPTE Interface
    * ATX Rackmount Chassis (Black) w/300W power supply
    * Hitachi 751 19\" Monitor .22
    * Microsoft Natural Elite Keyboard
    * Contour Perfit Ergonomic Mouse
    * Windows 98 SE
    * Chicken Systems Translator
    * Sonic Foundry Sound Forge
    * Nemesys Gigastudio 160

    This system has worked excellently for me. I\'ve had no issues with the VIA chipset, no clicks and pops, and the WaMi Rack 24 rocks. My Seagate 75GB Cheetah SCSI HDD is partitioned into 3 drive letters of about 25GB each and works great. Eventually I\'ll swap out the motherboard for one that has built in Ultra 160 SCSI but as of right now, the motherboard I\'m using is working flawlessly so why mess with perfection?

    Who\'s next?

    Lennie Moore

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    Re: Gigastudio systems revealed

    Hey Lennie,

    When you say that the system works excellently for you, what kind of polyphony do you achieve?

    Any clicks or pops?

    Any latency?

    There\'s another thread similar to what you\'re advocating, but it\'s had a bunch of posts and stalled. It\'s under soundcard advice:

    Good luck with your system!

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    Re: Gigastudio systems revealed

    My peak voices show up at 160/avg voices 134-138, no latency problems except the usual ones associated with files like the GigaPiano that I don\'t really notice but my piano playin\' roommmate says is \"just a hair behind\", absolutely no clicks or pops at all.

    I found out about the other thread from a friend. Thanks for the query.


    Lennie Moore

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