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Topic: PSR status and demos

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    PSR status and demos

    Instead of posting answers in different threads about the PSR script , I start a new thread, so that you can get the information from one place.

    There were lots of small changes on the code during the last 2 weeks, now the latest version is 4.7, but it has not been ported to libraries other than the Nice Steinway.

    I just posted a demo mp3 with PSR on pedal up samples on http://music.mezo.com .

    Please check that web page for new updates.
    Don't hesitate to ask questions in this thread or in private email ( my contact information in on my web page )


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    Re: PSR status and demos



    the script is great (4.7c)

    _ new approach of the " piano release mode " :
    more realistic than the piano release mode of Gigastudio
    _ fine repedalling
    _ real harmonics effect between keys and pedal down simulation

    but Kornel will explain better than me his "piano release mode"


    CPU at very low low low level in Kontakt 2.

    NI should intergrate Kornel script directly in Kontakt2 feature.

    The script is already optimized

    Just incredible !


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    Re: PSR status and demos

    Your Steinway sound good Olivier. I'm waiting for yours and artvista's one.
    Do you have any idea of the release?
    (And if someone have news of the virtual grand, there is not many news on the web site).

    Sorry for my english(I'm french).

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    Re: PSR status and demos

    The PMI Emperor version is uploaded to mezo.com along with a demo mp3.


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    Re: PSR status and demos

    Few updates
    - currently working on the Black Grand 4.8 version, it will be uploaded within a few hours with a demo.
    - as of now I am going to upload Kontakt instrument files as well as the Script.
    - I updated my web site with better installation instructions, DFD settings that I am using. I hope the text is more helpful now.


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    Re: PSR status and demos

    The Bardstown Bosendorfer 290 and East West Bosendorfer 275 version of PSR 4.8 has been uploaded to the web site with a Kontakt instrument file and demo mp3 .




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    Re: PSR status and demos

    The long waited PMI Old Lady and Emperor versions 4.8 have been posted to the web site, both has a basic Kontakt instrument too with the script pre-loaded.


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    Re: PSR status and demos

    The White Grand latest update has been uploaded.


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    Re: PSR status and demos

    Web site updates ( http://music.mezo.com ) - more details on the Kontakt installation instructions. I gave the exact DFD setting numbers that I use , my example numbers may help you too.

    Thanks to all of you who contacted me in email for you support !
    Enjoy the product


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    Re: PSR status and demos

    PSR Pro information was posted on the web site ( http://music.mezo.com ).
    There is one demo file I created with the Pro script also. What you hear in the demo is pure pedal up notes plus PSR , no convolution, no additional processing.
    Naturally, you may add convolution or any other processing to your Kontakt instrument if needed.



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