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Topic: Cheap, very stable system built

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    Cheap, very stable system built

    Hi all,

    I would like to share about a dedicated gigasampler system I just built with reletively very little money...i think. I have heard no pops nor clicks and have had no problems yet...

    here is what I built:

    intel celeron 600 $80
    tekram mobo $80
    128mb pc100 $90
    30G 100ata maxtor (best buy) $110
    audiophile card $170
    AGP video card $25
    case $30
    nic card $15

    I use a computer switch box to boot up with mouse and keyboard and then switch them back to my main system. From there I use PC anywhere to start up gigasampler and load in the sounds. Leaving pcanywhere up works fine, but I occasionally close it down, bringing it back up when needed. I use the analog outs to monitor while playing and the digital outs while recording. The overall setup is great! I\'ve run gigapiano, larry seyer bass, and other intruments all at the same time with no problems.

    I do have one question for anyone who uses the spdif out on the audiophile:

    I can\'t seem to get 24bits 48Khz working with gigasampler. I can hear mp3s and such but gigasampler doesn\'t seem to like that setup. Has anyone been able to get 24/48 successfully?



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    Re: Cheap, very stable system built

    not a bad deal...what kind of polyphony are you u getting?

    even at under a hundered its a pretty cool setup to drop a copy/liscense of giga 96 into for more realtime channels

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Cheap, very stable system built

    Don\'t you have any latency gap between analogue and digital outs of giga-dedicated pc??

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