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Topic: Spreading Gig's Across HDs

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    Spreading Gig\'s Across HDs

    Hello all,

    Sorry if this has been covered before.

    OK, I have a PC with 2 Hard Drives. Each of the Hard Drives goes to its own IDE Channel (one with the CD ROM).

    The questions is, does it make sense to load gigs from the separate HDs or put them on the same. As example, Gigapiano on one and Larry Seyer Bass on the other? Does this help with \"balancing workload\" for the CPU, bus, etc.?

    Just curious if anyone has thoughts on the matter.



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    Re: Spreading Gig\'s Across HDs

    I think it makes a lot of sense to spread the love. Try loading your gig patches with the bigger file sizes on one drive such as pianos, Siedlaczek Advanced Orchestra, Ultimate Percussion, etc. and everything else on the other drive. Two heads are better than one IMO.


    Lennie Moore

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    Re: Spreading Gig\'s Across HDs

    This is worthy of input from Nemesys.

    On the one hand they suggest using one drive for system files and a separate (the faster) drive for .gig files.

    On the other hand, if you\'re only using GigaX, once the programme loads, how much other Windows activity is there?

    And how much is to be gained by adding a third or fourth hard disk and spreading the gigs which take up more headroom(like Giga piano, Gigaharp) between these?

    I might post this to the Yahho Nemesys group.

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