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Topic: Suggestion: put pressure on nemesys

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    Suggestion: put pressure on nemesys

    Suggest we all mail nemesys & strongly recommend they post a tested 100% system on the site. Including all the video/midi/msgrv(is that what it is ?)/polyphony etc etc etc.
    If they listed EVERY detail we\'d get it right. If they don\'t know, then we\'ll all have to get used to hearing random pops in the charts & at the movies --- It could catch on.

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    Re: Suggestion: put pressure on nemesys

    Great idea, but I think they\'d have to make a series of posts of different setups in order to cover all the card manufacturers who\'ve gone to the trouble of implementing GSIF drivers, otherwise it looks like they prefer one over another.

    Mind you, surely the PC parts wouldn\'t need to change, just the audio and midi cards.

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    Re: Suggestion: put pressure on nemesys

    Mailed support & contact @ nemesys. I hope others will too. I guess Nemesys could test say the leading 6 Audio & Midi cards. It might be in the smaller interface retailers interest to get on board with Giga seriously to command a better place in the market. When all is said, Giga\'s problems suck big time, nemesys have misjudged the quality against quick bucks, but they probably have made potentially the most powerful tool for the studio in years.

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