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Topic: Just wanted to say hi to everybody

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    Just wanted to say hi to everybody

    Howdy folks, I'm new to gigastudio and just wanted to say howdy to y'all. I must say that I am impressed with giga for the short time that I've had it. I'm still trying to learn it and it's pretty complicated. So far I've only messed around with the gigapianoII and some of the instruments on the supplied soundware. The piano is awesome..though a bit on the bright side. It took me a few tries (not to mention a few reinstalls) to get everything working together correctly. First time I installed giga it ate my soundcard's midi ports. But after doing a search on here thanks to you folks I found out how to fix that. Then I installed reason and it caused giga to have driver problems. I uninstalled both and reinstalled, this time installing reason first and then giga. And now they both work. Go figure. At the moment giga, reason, cubase are all stable and I'm crossing my fingers. Nice to meet everybody
    ASUS P4C800-E motherboard, pentium4 3.2 ghz, 2gigs ram, ATI X1600pro, RME hdsp9632, 120gig maxtor system drive, 250gig SATA150 maxtor audio drive, 250gig SATA150 sample drive, Roland A-37 midi controller keyboard, Cubase 4, Gigastudio3 orchestra, FLstudio5, Reason3, Atmosphere, Ivory, EWQLSO gold xp and choirs

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    Re: Just wanted to say hi to everybody

    Than I shall be the first one to " Welcome " you here at Northernsounds-Forum
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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