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Topic: Temporary SOLUTION for Clicks and Pops!!

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    Temporary SOLUTION for Clicks and Pops!!

    To the Forum:

    Danny Lux contacted me recently with a work-around for the persistant problem of clicks and pops from Gigastudio. He and I have had this problem for a long while now and it seems a work-around has been discovered. This definitey (FINALLY) has made a complete difference on my two Gigastudios. It has worked on all of Danny\'s machines too.

    I have about 500 megs ram on each machine. A typical loaded set-up would use about 75% opf the memory. Danny suggested the following:

    Load in your usual set-up.
    Delete a bunch of instruments to bring the memory usage down to about 15%.
    Load in a few small instruments or smaller template.
    Now you can load in your original template or any large template you wish, with NO clicks and pops.

    This work-around, whilst not a fix for the problem, has helped me immensely!!

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    Re: Temporary SOLUTION for Clicks and Pops!!


    when you say \"Now you can load in your original template or any large template you wish, with NO clicks and pops.\", I\'m just wondering how you load in your template.

    Do you leave the instruments which are using 15% of memory in the performance and load you sounds individually?

    After you\'ve done this, if you save the performance, is it a no click/pop zone from then on whenever you load it - or do you need to go through the same procedure each time?

    Thanks for sharing

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    Re: Temporary SOLUTION for Clicks and Pops!!

    Basically the idea is to get your machine up to a high memory level where the 2 minute glitches appear, then unload the machine to almost nothing, and then you can continue to use GS with no glitches until the next time you restart your computer. This is working consistantly for me. Nemesys has been informed of this work around, and are currently trouble shooting the program. Hopefully the program will be fixed in the next update.

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    Re: Temporary SOLUTION for Clicks and Pops!!

    If ever our Nemesys friends have some time off, they should calculate how much running on the Win9X OS already has costed them (and will in the future).

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    Re: Temporary SOLUTION for Clicks and Pops!!


    I tried your solution for getting rid of the 2 minute pops without success. Here\'s what I tried:

    First I loaded in one of my regular performances, which uses about 69% memory (768 Meg total). I then unloaded most all the instruments until I was down to 11% memory. Still heard pops at this point. Then I loaded in a few instruments which brought memory up to about 26%. Still heard pops. Finally, I loaded in another large performance. No luck.

    Am I missing a step? Please advise. I would love to get rid of this problem permanently, but even a temporary fix would be welcome.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Temporary SOLUTION for Clicks and Pops!!

    I think part of the trick is that when you unload instruments, you have to get GS to a state where the glitches stop. Try unloading all your instruments. Then load in just one and see if the glitches stop. If they stop I beleive you can use GS glitch free until the next restart of your computer. If you can\'t get glitches to stop..try restarting the computer. One other note...my systems never really seemed to glitch in the first place until I had a load over 50%. Good luck.

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    Re: Temporary SOLUTION for Clicks and Pops!!

    I tried your fix and didn\'t get a single pop or click after doing it. I started out with a performance using about 73% of memory used. I unloaded to around 15% used. I then loaded in a performance with about 30 small pipe organ gigs. Then I reloaded the original performance. I was having a terrible time with pops with this performance and had tried Neno\'s fix which helped a little but was still getting pops.

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    Re: Temporary SOLUTION for Clicks and Pops!!


    Just about memory and system overheat issues:

    Memory issues:
    As for me, you might have bad (slower) memory access-time in the system. It could causes as dependency of Which type DRAM do you have? PC-100? 133? other? are they mixed-technology, brand-name? Well, the reason I say it is when you use the \"TEMPORARY SOLUTION for click and Pops\" by moving the alocated giga-sample memory-page around, that helps from click/pop but it might forces the system uses the bad or slower-page-resources randomly. So, be careful when you buy too cheap DRAM like slow access time, no grand name...If you have the PC-100 and having click/pop and if your mother-board/chipset supports PC-133, try the 133, it would helps a lot. One more thing, the 128MB-sticks have better perfomance than the 256/512MB-sticks. So, most of Intel-Chipset for single-PIII only supported up to 512MB-DRAM, I suggest to have two-128MB (first-two-slot) and one-256MB. It is very dangerous when you run the gigastudio that having memory-paging sensitively, that\'s also meant your system is runing up to the limit and even you can get rid of clicks/pops, you might get some unfortunated timing/audio problems such as the sequencer drop-out the tempo, the audio-rec lost dynamic sounding (bandwidth).

    System temperture issues (overheat):
    As further technical specification, the temperture in your system is directly most effective to the giga\'s perfomances also. I don\'t know why the developers don\'t want to mention it at all, am I correct? Maybe because our system now are runing about giga-hezts and most of treats & tips are written when the CPU only be ran about 166~200Mhz or so? Most of the chipset now that they want to include the tempertures, core-voltages, operated-voltages, Fan-RPM as the monitoring in the system, that\'s why! I also know most of us here have built our own custom DAW (never be as good as the professional), you should read the motherboard-manual to see what they are recommended. As for me, I\'m considering a good power-supply (about 300W), better cases like the sever-cases (2~3 fans), good heat-sink/fans for CPU, all cables, PCI-cards, AGP-card, CPU, memories, etc, must have best contacted properly (something basic but most important). One more thing, as the good perfomance for better air-flow, clean analog-monitoring, you also should close the case, tie all screws down (PCI/AGP/ISA cards and case-pannels). This probably would helps to solve the noise, humm which can be got into the speaker-monitor-system as well , of course, you also need the quality audio-cables for studio-recording use (not the cheap one). To see the system is over-heat problems or not (without BIOS/ultility supported), When it\'s powered-on for a few hours, just shut it down about 2~4 hours then re-boot it to compare the perfomances or something like that (don\'t forget to close the case). This also answers someone\'s problem, maybe one of cases why keep loosing the performance after the system on for a while!

    This might not be related much to your problems, I hope in general, you might find this be helpful pratically! Please noticed that most of words are written here form my own pratical-experience problems (truth issues).

    My other two-cent

    Long\'s Studio

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    Re: Temporary SOLUTION for Clicks and Pops!!

    Sorry! Double posted!

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    Re: Temporary SOLUTION for Clicks and Pops!!

    Danny & Robert

    This time it worked! I had to take it down to 1 Patch, then reload my Orchestra Template (68%) . No Pops, I owe you lunch. We\' ve spent many hours trying to fix this one. I hope Nemysis will find a more permanent solution. Until then, this is a great work around.

    David Schwartz

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