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Topic: Giga work space?

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    Giga work space?

    Doe anyone know how to change the gigaworkspace? The option in the disk-manager menu does not work. Has anyone changed this succesfully?

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    Re: Giga work space?

    Hello..if you mean the drive and directories that it looks in....I\'ve changed mine a number of times as i try to get organised with \"Disk Manager\" button on the \"Loader\"...pushed \"change. You may have to close the GS and it will recognise it on reboot. Hope this is what you wanted to know.
    regards JP

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    Re: Giga work space?

    If it works for you, then I must have some kind of bug. No matter what directory I set in the disk manager, the performances are only seen in the original Gigasampler/performances folder. Also if I want to load a sound (using the fileselector, not the GS loader) by clicking on the arrow on a midichannel, it always opens in the C:\\my documents folder.

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    Re: Giga work space?

    You can add or remove workspaces. When you add one, you can then browse to any existing folder on your hard drive and make that a workspace. For the most part, you don\'t have to use workspaces for installing sounds. You can simply create folders and drag & drop GigaSampler instruments or akai conversions anywhere you wish. The workspace comes in handy when you want to import a multi disk instrument or import sounds from other computers (over a network) without having to profile the drives to see them. If you need more details, give us a call or email.
    Have fun
    Dave of NemeSys

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    Re: Giga work space?


    The manual says that the workspace also determins where the performances are stored. Is or isn\'t this the case. Here it doesn\'t work that way. Also when I double click on an midi channel (and the file selector opens) it always opens in the \'c:/my documents\' directory. I would expect it to open in the workspace (I do know how to assign it).

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