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Topic: Help with hard drives!

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    Help with hard drives!

    A configuration issue: I\'m adding a second Ultra ATA drive and ATA card to run GigaSampler with Cakewalk. One drive each. Both running at the same time. My computer manufacturer (Dell) tells me I have to put both drives on the card and make one a master and the other a slave, instead of making one a primary master, the other a secondary master. Will that work? I haven\'t run Giga before and have no experience with the software. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Re: Help with hard drives!

    Add in ATA cards often give poor performance. Do you have a channel open on your MB\'s IDE ports?

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    Re: Help with hard drives!

    I probably do. Would it be better to run the drive on the motherboard at ATA 33 (What it\'s rigged for) rather than at ATA 66 or ATA 100 through the card?

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    Re: Help with hard drives!

    From a recent Nemesys Newsletter:

    We recommend a second hard drive dedicated to GIG files and audio data. The boot drive (C:\\)should have the OS and GigaStudio programs on it and should be the primary IDE master with the CD-ROM drive as the primary IDE slave. The GIG drive should be the secondary IDE master drive. This will greatly
    improve the performance of your GigaPiano samples with increased polyphony of your sample playback. The reason for this is that the OS and programs make calls to the hard drive and create a significant amount of bi-directional traffic across the IDE bus. Having a second hard drive on a separate bus will free up the bandwidth for streaming
    sample data directly off the secondary IDE bus.

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