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Topic: RAM based samplers

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    RAM based samplers

    I\'m beginning to wonder how much longer HDD based samplers will last. The central advantage with them is that one doesn\'t have to own a lot of RAM, but is this really such a problem anymore? As of right now we can go out and by 2GB of RAM for under $1000, and there are motherboards which support this quantity. There are times when we exceed 2GB of samples (large piano and an orchestra as well can do it), but for the most part I think we fall under this mark. Thoughts?

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    Re: RAM based samplers

    In terms of library designed for ram samplers, 2 gig would be a fabulous amount of memory to have, and you\'d probably run out of polyphony before you ran out of space for your samples.

    However, as the practice of streaming samples from hard disk inevitably moves from being the unique province of Nemesys to being the standard system employed by others like Emu, Akai, Steinberg and Emagic, library designers will continue to compete with each other and themselves to continue to improve the quality of their offerings.

    The most obvious way to do this is (apart from sampling better performances and using better recording techniques) by doing what Gigasampler library designers are already doing, and that\'s using more samples across the keyboard, more samples for each key, and allowing them to play out for their natural length rather than use loops.

    That\'s why we\'re seeing more of single instruments which take up multi-gigabytes of hard disk real estate, and that\'s why it won\'t be long before a couple of gigabytes of ram looks restrictive.

    But in the short term, what the heck - you can stuff a hell of a lot of Akai library into 2 gigabytes of ram!

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