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Topic: What motherboard?

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    What motherboard?

    Can anyone recommend a good motherboard for a dedicated GS system?

    I would like it to support ATA-100 and plenty of RAM.

    The trouble I\'m finding is that Motherboards based on Intel chipsets don\'t support beyond 512MB RAM. The VIA chipset boards seem to offer a lot more, typically up to 1.5gb and there would seem to be a greater choice of ATA-100 boards.

    Can I trust the VIA chipset? Or is a safer bet to go for a Intel chipset board? Similarly the PIII over an Athlon?

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    Re: What motherboard?


    i can\'t really tell about many of the VIA boards, all i know is that many hardwaremanufacturers i worked with as an engineer in the multimedia area are cussing about compatibility problems. Until recently i was running an ABIT BF6 with my PIII700 and it was not only rock-steady but fast as hell. Unfortunately, that one broke, being the second ABIT Board i worked with that broke within one year. I got an ASUS P3B-F for my own machine now, but it seems to be malfunctioning for though i\'m very careful about my set-ups, it constantly crashes for no apparent reason whatsoever. I\'ve been thinking about trying a VIA board for this one and see if it\'ll work with my hardware (an RME Digi96/8). Personally, i think stability is the most important issue for there\'s no use in a lightning fast board that could let you down during a production, and most often, stability is as much a set-up and configuration as a compatibility issue, so maybe you could check with your audiohardwaremanufacturer to find out if they have a list of compatible hardware.

    best of luck

    Eike B. Germann

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    Re: What motherboard?

    I am using the ASUS VIA chipset mother board, P3V4X, for my Gigastudio. I had to download the latest drivers and BIOS updates before it would work correctly. Once I did that, the stability went up -- not perfect, but very good. My other computer has the ASUS P3B-F (BIOS rev 1006, which is an Intel chip set. It seems a little less stable than the VIA motherboard.

    My understanding from computer technicians that have worked with both motherboards is that the CPU-memory speed of the Intel chip set is better than the VIA chip set. However, the PCI bus management of the VIA chip set is superior.

    My own experience showed that the Intel chip set reached a limit of 140 voices of polyphony with pops and ticks. The VIA chip set went all the way to the magic 160 voices. Pops and ticks were less but not zero.


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