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Topic: What size drive are you using for giga samples

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    What size drive are you using for giga samples

    I currently have a 15gig as my slave drive loaded with just giga files. The problem is that once I\'ve converted several of my cd\'s, some take up to 3 times their normal volume. i.e. one of my miroslav\'s which takes a whopping 1.77 gigs for one CD\'s worth (roland to giga via translator) I\'m finding that 15gigs isn\'t even close to being big enough. I have and use a fairly large collection of CD\'s, so I would like to have at least the primary ones I use converted and on my hard drive.
    I\'ve been told that drives over 30 gigs are generally unstable. I don\'t have any experience with drives over 15 gigs.
    Anyone using 45 gig drives with giga? If so, any problems? Because I\'m thinking about drop kicking the 15 gig and using a 45 gig instead.

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    Re: What size drive are you using for giga samples

    I\'m using a 45 GB drive and I haven\'t seen any problems. It is an IBM Deskstar IDE Ultra ATA-100 7200 RPM drive. It is supposedly a very reliable drive. You can get them for around $170.

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    Re: What size drive are you using for giga samples

    when I convert CDs with Translator I often end up with duplicates. I will guarantee u that the Miroslav disc is taking up 3-5X what it really should. U will have to painstakingly go through and compare sounds to eliminate the dups. Sorry, there is no other way, unless u want to live with the wasted space. Good luck!

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    Re: What size drive are you using for giga samples

    That multiple copies of patches when you convert an Akai disk is a bummer, but I remeber someone saying that it was because S Converter isn\'t smart enough to recognise the whole Akai Patch layering thing.

    If you look at an Akai CD rom, quite often you\'ll see duplicate patch names in different partitions. The converters aren\'t smart enough to realise they\'ve already done the patch, so they do it again in a new directory.

    Maybe the only way around this is to convert manually, rather than by batch file.

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    Re: What size drive are you using for giga samples

    Thanks for the replys.
    Makes you wonder if the tranlators are missing out on important layering. I talked to the Rubber Chicken guys about it, and they said that there wasn\'t much that they could do about it. The problem seems to be that giga doesn\'t see patchs within a performance, thus not able to load all patchs, and then have perf\'s which are just collections of the given patchs. Instead, giga only sees a giga file. So you end up with a zillion duplicate patchs, grouped together in different ways. Seems pretty dumb to me. Shouldn\'t a computer be able to sort in order? That\'s what these things do. Anyway, until then I guess I\'ll have to get a bigger hard drive, buy only giga samples and hope that maybe the translators will evolve.

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    Re: What size drive are you using for giga samples

    Actually what you might need to do is to combine the different gigs into one GIG file, this way you can use only one set of WAV files for all the different patches that the converter drops out. This is how giga sees performances,..as instrumetns within each gig File. Its honestly the same thing as PAtches in other samplers, and all the converter guys need to do is to put in an ntelligent wav compare feature in their translating set ups....
    I love how I say \"all they ahve to do is.....\" like its an easy job hehheh

    but really, if its patches/performances, they should put in a converting macro that auto matically opens the GS editor and combines all the patches as different instruments in one gig file, and automatically set it to ALWAYS use one set of wav files. Or another thing would be to combine all the different performances into one gig file, and then have it go in and automatically delete duplicate WAV files....if they can\'t do something to find WAV files, then maybe help from Nemesys could be given by adding a function to the editor that automatically deletes duplicate wav files in GIG files. There are a bunch of ways that thsis could be made simpler for the end user IMO. It jsut might take a few companies to work together on their own applications to do so.

    Its the Wav files within each gig that takes up the space, not the different instruments/articulations/performanes.

    Then again there are instances like Extended Classical Choir, where there are shorter looped versions of wav samples, and the like to save memory, but thats a different issue.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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