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Topic: Across The Stars

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    Across The Stars

    Here is Across the Stars (from Star Wars Episode Two), a John Williams love theme (128K):


    Done with just GPO samples.

    -- BobR

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    Re: Across The Stars

    Impressive work on this, BobR -- very well done! Makes me wonder if John Williams might give up all the fuss and bother of a real orchestra... lol.


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    Re: Across The Stars

    This is reallllly great. Is there anyway I can contact you, I'd like to discuss how you came up with this. I love it, I'm trying to do something similar but I'm a bit stuck working out the harmonies.

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    Re: Across The Stars

    Very well done!!!!
    What a great melody.
    I cannot think that some people consider the JW music wrote for Star Wars I, II, III not so good.
    I would like to write as JW does.
    Congrats for the piece, you have done a fine work.


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