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Topic: GSIF drivers question

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    GSIF drivers question

    Are GSIF drivers mainly for mutli client use?
    If I\'m not using my sound card (2408mkii)with multiple clients should I use the normal drivers or should I still use the GSIF drivers.

    Also, IF I do want to use two clients, is it better to use GSIF multiclient drivers or to have two seperate audio cards. I\'m thinking of adding a MAUDIO dio or audiophile.

    my system setup:

    1008 Ghz Athlon
    30 GB maxtor 100ata 2 partitions
    abit kt7 raid mobo (not using raid, just the 100ata controller)
    128mb of pc100
    motu 2408mkii
    windows 98se
    cubase vst/32

    BTW, Does anyone know a way to measure latency? I know that when I set the buffer at 64, I get clicks and no noticable latency. 128 fewer clicks, ever so slight latency (could be all mental). 256 almost no clicks, slightly more latency (real not mental).

    Would the maudio sound card (dio or audiophile) give me no clicks and no noticable latency?

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    Re: GSIF drivers question

    I think you ALWAYS want to you GSIF drivers, They will provide you with less latency. I also recommend a multi-client card, as sometimes two soundcards will have trouble co-existing.

    I have a Maudio Audiophile and the latest drivers have a multi-client option, but I have not tried it out yet. I have absolutely no latency. I DO still get some pops and clicks, but they are pretty infrequent and only seem to be after I have used GigaStudio for a few hours.

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