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Topic: A Welcome Message To All Our New GPO Members!

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    Thumbs up A Welcome Message To All Our New GPO Members!

    Welcome to the GPO family. By purchasing this awesome and powerful library, you have chosen to become part of the collective. You have been assimilated and from this day forward resistance is futile!
    Our leader, Li Q-Tips of the Board, will make sure your experience here is an educational and respectable one. There are many here in the collective available for your every need from writing music, using various software pertaining to and just overall support of your work and questions.
    Let it be known from the moment you set foot in the collective that Seven of Nine is on an indefinite hiatus.
    Are there any comments, questions, or concerns? I thought so --- RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!

    Man's Nuts, GRAB 'EM!

    Ward, don't you think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night?
    Why, no June ... What makes you feel that way?

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    Re: A Welcome Message To All Our New GPO Members!

    I have happily been assimilated .

    Join the Collective! Resistance is futile (besides, joining is FUN and relatively painless :P).

    - Michael
    - Michael Fortunato

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