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Topic: Orchestral Waltz - Feedback Appreciated

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    Orchestral Waltz - Feedback Appreciated


    Still cutting my teeth on GPO and this is a piece I tried to put together in an early romantic style, I guess, using a theme I had lying around.
    I call it a waltz but I think you could be hard pushed to dance to it, though feel free to have a go

    Orchestral Waltz

    Hope you enjoy it and any feedback would be great.



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    Very nice, I love the dynamic and balance you've achieved with the instruments. You are right about finding it hard to dance a waltz but hey a waltz doesn't necessarily need dancers! I would say you are cutting in the right direction! Very nice indeed! Nice to have you and your music! Looking forward to hearing more.
    Excellent brass mix! Nice use of percussion and wow, just everything is enjoyable! Oh yeah Cool ending!!!!

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