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Topic: How to get higher HD ACCESS TIME ???

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    How to get higher HD ACCESS TIME ???

    In Gigastudio, during playback, I get lots of pops (hey, who doesn\'t!) and \"random sample hits and drops\" (well... that\'s what it sounds like!), but even with VERY LOW polyphony. At such moments, the HD light is flashing like crazy, so I thought the problem may lie in the HD ACCESS TIME, while the normal reading speed (burst speed) of the HD should be fast enough.


    I\'m using a IDE ATA-66 HD controller (Promise) with on the 2nd IDE channel a single (so master) Maxtor 30.7 7200 rpm HD. In theory, this harddisk should be capable of a (average) access time of about 9ms. I tested the access time in my current configuration (with HD Tach) and it measured 13.7ms, which is TOO slow for Gigastudio. HD burst speed is okay (about 55 mbps).

    Can ANYONE help me in achieving a higher HD access time? Could it be possible that the lower access time is caused by the use of an controller card?

    - Maarten

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    Re: How to get higher HD ACCESS TIME ???

    I think there are problems with the promise controller and latency. can you connect to another ide port on the motherboard.

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    Re: How to get higher HD ACCESS TIME ???

    You could also try fidling with the VCACHE. Set min and max to maybe 30000.

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    Re: How to get higher HD ACCESS TIME ???

    I use a Promise Ultra100 controller without
    any problems at all. Technically the Ultra66 version should be fine unless there are some specific problems with it. If that is the case then upgrade to the Ultra100 version (it will run UDMA66 drives too).
    Also what is the exact model of your maxtor 30GB hdd ? have you got tech. specs absolutely right on this model ?
    Also another consideration could be the type of motherboard are you using and with which chipset ? The performance of the PCI bus on some older motherboards and non-intel chipsets can be questionable ! The more modern the motherboard and chipset, the better it can be for efficient PCI bus performance.

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