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Topic: Random Clicks and Pops with Audiophile 2496

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    Random Clicks and Pops with Audiophile 2496

    I\'m having some slight problems with Gigastudio 160 (2.01.36) on my AMD 1GHz. I can get 160 voices with no problem, and I\'m not having any timing issues. However when I am using GigaStudio I get some random pops and clicks in my audio, about once every 2 minutes or so. Sometimes it is really soft, other times it is really loud. But it is consistent, as every time I try to record my current 2 minute piece I get at least one audible click or pop that ruins the recording. It seems to be in random spots though.

    I have made sure both of my hard drives (IBM Deskstar 7200RPM ATA-100) have the DMA box selected. I made both of them primary drives as was suggested by Nemesys, though they both do have CD-ROM drives slaved to them. Could having the CDRW slaved to my GIG drive be causing the problem? (I have both a DVD and a CDRW).

    My Gigs are on the 2nd drive, all to themselves and totally separate from Windows 98SE.

    I AM running Cakewalk Pro Audio on the same machine, but I am not doing any audio work--just MIDI.

    I am using a M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card. One interesting note is that under the DSP Station it says that it is GSIF compatible, but under settings it says it is NOT.

    My video card is a GeForce 2 card, but the popping occurs even when I minimize GigaStudio and Cakewalk, so I kind of doubt it is a video issue. I tried turning off the Hardware acceleration at one point and it didn\'t seem to help.

    If anyone has any ideas what my problem might be, let me know! I\'ll try anything at this point. I love GigaStudio, but the pops and clicks are just frequent enough to ruin my recordings.

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    Re: Random Clicks and Pops with Audiophile 2496

    I have been trying to track this problem down for over a year. I have multiple systems and have discovered if i do not load the memory meter over 60% I do not seem to get these glitches. Once I am over the 60% mark I get these glitches every 2 minutes...and I mean exactly to the second. I am assuming Windows 98 might be doing something every 2 minutes that interupts GS. If anyone has any ideas on how to solve this or turn off whatever the system is doing, please share your ideas.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Random Clicks and Pops with Audiophile 2496

    Danny, Nemesys just got back to me and suggested I try turning Virtual Memory off. (Right Click on My Computer->System Properties->Virtual Memory.)

    Normally under Windows this would be a bad idea, but in this case I can see what might be going on. Windows may be caching material to virtual memory periodically, which could cause a pop in the audio. This would likely happen more often when you have memory filled up, so it could be the cause of you getting the problem at over 60%. I seem to get the problem even at low memory usage, but it seems to get much worse at higher memory usage.

    I have found that ANY extraneous disk access by another program causes a click in my sound, even though my GIGS are on an isolated drive, so this could very well be the problem. I\'m going to try it tonight and see what happens.

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    Re: Random Clicks and Pops with Audiophile 2496

    Well, so far turning off virtual memory seems to have done the trick. I just used GigaStudio for about 30 minutes with memory at 73% and I had no pops or clicks. I hope this trick helps some other people out too.

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    Re: Random Clicks and Pops with Audiophile 2496

    A little suprised that turning virtual memory off fixed it... i have tried it and it did not help me. I will try it again. Please let me know in acouple of days if it is still working for you.

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    Re: Random Clicks and Pops with Audiophile 2496

    Jamieh and Danny,

    Jamieh - thankx for the Midi Freak info, the clever use of the 16 buttons was something I overlooked, despite the fact I use an 88-key controller.

    I wanted to know where you both purchased your systems. Danny, you mentioned that you use several systems. Are they networked?
    BTW, I am a fan of your work.

    Thanks for the tips.


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    Re: Random Clicks and Pops with Audiophile 2496

    Danny, it IS possible that it wasn\'t the virtual memory that fixed it, as I did also remove some old Sound Blaster crap from my autoexec.bat file that I thought I had already gotten rid of. So I guess that could have been the problem too. But I\'m pretty sure it was the virtual memory that did it.

    If I get a chance, I\'ll go back and try to figure out which change fixed it. However now that it seems to be working, I\'m hesitant to change anything.

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    Re: Random Clicks and Pops with Audiophile 2496

    Didier, I purchased my Kenton Control Freak from Big City Music in California for around $430. You can find a worldwide list of dealers that sell them at http://www.kenton.co.uk

    As for my system, I purchased it from Micron and then added all the extra stuff GigaSampler needed.

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    Re: Random Clicks and Pops with Audiophile 2496

    Danny, last night the pops and clicks did return, but much MUCH less frequently than before. Instead of getting one every two minutes, I got one every 15-20 minutes or so. And they only seemed to happen after I had been using GigaStudio for a few hours.

    So I guess my problem hasn\'t been perfectly solved, but it is good enough to work with now.

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