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Topic: My GPO arrives tomorrow!!

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    Talking My GPO arrives tomorrow!!

    Just got an email from etcetera telling me GPO was dispatched today and should arrive tomorrow!! I am really looking forward to installing it and finding out what it can do. I am also looking forward to trying Overture - am eager to start learning notation.

    A quick question - do I still need the GPO updates or is the current version shipping the latest and greatest?

    Many thanks,

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    Congratulations Wayne. You will love it. It can do a lot! I got mine a couple of weeks ago, also from Et Cetera. Still only beginning to get the idea of it.

    You'll need the Player and the Studio updates plus and additional Overture update (version 3.61) available from Geniesoft.com (not Garritan.com).

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    Hey you two! Try to maintain the enthusiasm and welcome to the Garritan forum! Let's hear some music soon. Enjoy!

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    Re: My GPO arrives tomorrow!!

    You bet I enjoy. Especially your ramblings Who, you? Nooo!
    Do us all a favor,Styxx: don't ever let the good Beeffalo cattle take your tounge.

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