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Help from anyone is very much needed and would be greatly appreciated, in that I have had no workable solution offered to me from Nemesys in over 9 weeks!!!

After upgrading from a GigaSampler LE installation (working perfectly), to a GigaStudio 96 install, my system has been unable to provide a successful launch of the product. It crashes, giving me the following message:

\"Gstudio has caused an error in KERNEL32.DLL. Gstudio will now close. If you continue to experience problems, try retarting your computer.\"

In an effort to save anyone who may be moved to offer assistance to me any wasted time, I would like to state beforehand that I am not a novice MIDI user, nor am I a newcomer to PC computing (over 15 years in both arenas), so all of the obvious, and not so obvious things have been tried, with no success. I have tried installing GigaStudio 96 on three different systems here at home, and none have proved successful, giving me the exact error message on every attempt, and with differing hardware combinations (I\'ll include them below).

What I am dreading, is the discovery that my problems lie in my Windows ME installations on all of my systems, rather than using Windows 98SE.

Out of frustration, I took the software to work and installed it on my Windows 95 PC at work, and was given the same error message!!! However, after changing the resolution from 1280X1024 to 1024X768, it launched flawlessly!!! Thinking that I may have found the solution to my woes, I returned home and changed my displays from 1600X1200 to 1024X768, hoping for the same success I experienced at work, but again, I received the exact same error message. The difference between my work PC and the ones at home, are the OS (95 vs Me).

Please keep in mind that all obvious things have been tried, including FDISK, FORMAT, reinstallations of both Windows Me and GigaStudio (too numerous to remember), changing of video adapters, memory, BIOS upgrades, exchanging of hard drives (SCSI and ATA66-100), etc.

If someone out there knows of ANY issues with the KERNEL32.DLL, please enlighten me!!!

Thanking all in advance...


Pentium III-850 & Penitum III-500
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768 MB & 320 MB of ram
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