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Topic: electric drum triggers

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    electric drum triggers

    anybody using drum pads like roland v-drums or pintech to trigger drum samples. I\'ve heard that the latency is palpable and I was wondering if anybody has done this successfully ? using velocity to trigger one should be able to have 128 samples for every pad right?

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    Re: electric drum triggers

    I use a Kat DK-10 and it works great. Latency is not a problem at all.

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    Re: electric drum triggers

    How many different samples can you program each individual pad with using velocity etc.

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    Re: electric drum triggers

    That doesn\'t really have anything to do with the pads. Some drumkit samples may have 4 velocities on the snare, 3 on toms, etc... If you mean, 2 triggers on the snare or something, then I can only do one. Some of the more expensive pad systems give you more in that area but I\'m pretty happy with what I\'m getting for about $100 ...

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    Re: electric drum triggers

    no, I didn\'t mean 2 triggers . I meant to find out if I had 120 different samples of a snare drum at different velocities or left and right hand strokes etc.,would Gigastudio allow me to match each sample to a different midi velocity number. Therefore theoretically,I would have a very realistic snare e-drum or cymbal or whatever . I guess this would be like being able to have 120 different samples of a piano note at different volumes to be able to mimic a live piano\'s touch sensitivity.

    Also does anybody know how many samples per note or pad would be enough to duplicate a real drum or piano note realistically.(I heard most good piano players can have about 12 different attack velocities for any given note and I wonder if drummers are the same or better)

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