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Topic: Pentium 4

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    Pentium 4

    I am considering upgrading to a Pentium 4 processor system. Has anyone gone this route yet, and if so, does GigaStudio 160 work well on it?

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    Re: Pentium 4

    I don\'t know if this guy is whacked, but I stumbled across this web page recently.

    You may want to check it out. Anybody feel free to let me know that this guy is full of it.


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    Re: Pentium 4

    I think you\'ll find this a little more rounded...

    But the short form is no, don\'t do it yet. Intel will soon be changing the form factor of the socket.

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    Re: Pentium 4

    Well IMHO it seems as if the PIV is lacking in performance as per both of these reviews. I am really not interested in keeping up with the latest and greatest. I am currently running on a PIII 600E Coppermine with 589 Megs of PC133 ram on Windows 98. I run Gigasampler and Cakewalk 9.03 on the same machine and I am very satisfied with my Gigasampler performance. My only area of concern is with processing audio tracks in real time. I can run quite a few audio effects in real time but I eventually will overtask the CPU and experience dropouts. I don\'t like to use destructive editing but I am forced to in order to complete and finalize a song. Since Windows 2000 supports multiple processors, I envision running two Athlon 1.2 MHZ processors along with 1.024Megs of PC133 ram. This sort of power using current technology could quite possible allow me to be able to process a song in it\'s entirety without using destructive editing thereby avoiding jumping on the latest processor bandwagon. My concern with this plan is that I have heard in the past that the AMD processors are not as good for audio applications as the Pentiums. I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination but I am to understand that it has something to do with something called \"decimal floating point architecture\"? Is this really an issue or merely Intel propoganda because every time I read a review, it seems that AMD is kicking the crap out of Intel not only in performance but also in price. If a system such as I envision with the multiple 1.2 MHZ Athlons and Windows 2000 will allow me to run all the effects I want without dropouts and bluescreens similar to what the Pro Tools guys experience, I will use it forever without regard to what comes out in the future. I still use my Pentium 75 MHZ for word processing and haven\'t upgraded!Peace.

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    Re: Pentium 4

    Does Gigastudio support win 2000? I don\'t think it does. If it does, does it support dual processors? I kind of doubt that. It may be that 2000 is smart enough to give one processor to a sequencer and one to the sampler.

    I know that win2000 can do some splitting of load between 2 processors (I run it on a dual system) but I would be afraid that a lot of gigas code probably has to bypass the operating system (in order to control latency)

    Anyway just my random speculation

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    Re: Pentium 4

    It does not support Windows 2000. Nemesys has talked about an upgrade that will work on Windows XP (formerly codenamed Whistler).

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    Re: Pentium 4

    I stand corrected. There are presently no AMD motherboards supporting dual processors. My bad. Peace.

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