Hello all

I\'m running gigasampler 1.64 with a soundblaster awegold and a tascam us428 midi controller. The awe gold works fine for both audio and midi but if I use the midi outputs from the tascam (just for the midi, not audio) I get the bluescreen of death as soon as I touch the midi controller keyboard. This knocks out the tascam drivers until I reboot. Other appz work fine with the tascam so this seems to be a giga-only problem. what should I do next?

my setup

ASUSp34vx mobo with p3 700 clocked to 850
Matrox g400 video card
256 meg pci 133mhz RAM
various 7200rpm drives
yamaha dspfactory soundcard
awegold soundcard
no other usb devices

Its an audio-only optimised clean install and I\'m using all the latest VIA chipset drivers and winSE updates, no conflicts or other problems