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Topic: GigaSampler 1.6 documentation!

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    GigaSampler 1.6 documentation!

    The 1.6 help file is now available. Go to the 1.6 download page on the NemeSys website and scroll to bottom for details. This will allow you to save a zip file to your system. Unzip it and you will have the 1.6 help file.
    Thanks for your patience.
    Dave of NemeSys

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    Re: GigaSampler 1.6 documentation!

    Sorry to say so, but is this Nemesys\' idea of a joke? It is the complete manual, so that\'s great for us who just want to know the new features As far as I can tell not even all new features are in the manual. IMHO the only people you are supporting with this manual are the users of the kracked version. All others have a printed manual.

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    Re: GigaSampler 1.6 documentation!

    I\'ve been to Nemesys site for a few days now and tried to download the upgrade to 1.6.
    It continually times out and i get nowhere.
    I enter my name and cd key (found on the packaged manual)...no download. Is there a problem your end? Can i suppy my number to you directly and someone attch an email perhaps.

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    Re: GigaSampler 1.6 documentation!

    Dave, regarding the 1.6 help file, do I
    replace the old Gs.hlp with the new 1.6
    Gs.hlp file? By doing this will there be any
    danger of loosing my GS Key? Thanks in advance.

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