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Topic: Something for your studio

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    Thumbs up Re: Something for your studio

    Wholly Cripes that's great! I'll take two of each.
    Aaa hahahahahahahah Mr. Rodgers! To die for! Gimme gimme! I'm freaking peeing my pants

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    Re: Something for your studio

    Well, that was $975 well spent. Stephen Hawking gave my latest piece two thumbs up.

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    Re: Something for your studio


    I knew something like the Dead Quietenator would come out just before I finished my "Sounds Of Silence" library. Over 90 Gigs of the best sampled silence available and now it's obsolete. Although I wonder if they can REALLY model the sound of "Stuck in a Black Hole".

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    Thumbs up Re: Something for your studio

    What's interesting about the silence thing is that a friend of my grandpa's actually records silence in a room that he likes. Then he adds that silent recording to his mix. He says it gives the mix more "aire".

    I'm serious!
    He really does that!

    I bet he'd really like that vintage silence plugin!
    Personally, I liked the ambient vacumn the best. It soudns soooo good!

    And the visitor emulator!
    Freakin' amazing!!!

    These two AMAZING products should be bundeled w/ GPOA!

    That was the best laugh I'd had all week! Thanks, J.Lehtonen!


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    Re: Something for your studio

    Yeah, yeah, but I'll bet none of you folks can tell digital and anlogue silence apart like I can. You know that analogue silenece is just so warm compared to the cold sterile digital silence, all those 1001010100110111011010101101 is really bad for the silence, unless you have good A/D converters!

    Captain Hook (if you see Pan let me know!)

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    Re: Something for your studio

    I have been working on a good digital silence for a while now, this 64 bit sample can be looped to create as much or as little silence as you need.

    0000 0000 0000 0000
    0000 0000 0000 0000
    0000 0000 0000 0000
    0000 0000 0000 0000

    I am also working on 16 and 24 bit versions of this as well.
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    My site: http://www.clarkaudio.com
    Where I work now: http://www.blinex.com/

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    Talking Re: Something for your studio

    Get a load of this:

    I have two grandpas that I mostly talk about here. One goes by what his ear says and the other goes by what engineering says. My mom also has a friend that goes by what his ear says.

    So I tell my mom's friend about this silence plugin. He completely beleived me!! It was HALARIOUS!!!!! I couldn't hold it anymore and I started to crack up once I started to explain the different types of silences included. My mom covered for me and said that she was making funny faces behind his back. Good cover! Whew!!
    So he buys the WHOLE thing!!!!

    Then I talk to my engineering grandpa.
    When I start explaining how it worked, he assumed that it was different hisses that it emulated, which is what I thought untill I read about the ambient vacumn. He totally bought it! (I didn't tell him about that one! )

    This is TOO funny!!


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    Re: Something for your studio

    Wow, I listened to all the samples, they were wonderful! Best silence I ever heard!

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