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Topic: IK Multimedia products

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    IK Multimedia products

    Anyone have experience with Sonik Synth and Sample Tank? Are the worthy purchases for jazz and pop music?


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    Re: IK Multimedia products

    As far as Sampletank goes, with what I've heard and my experience with it, there are some good things (ie: bass guitars, acoustic guitars, pianos) and some very mediocre ones (brass, strings, saxes.) You get a lot of semi-usable stuff for the money, but I'm of the mind that your money is better spent on something else. You'll probably have a better experience mixing and matching libraries that specialize in the sound you're after. I have no experience with Sonik Synth, but the stuff I read about it fair better than Sampletank. Of course, someone else may think differently. I was not impressed with the overall sound of the library for the most part. There's nothing in there that I would consider a showstopper.

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    Re: IK Multimedia products

    I own ST 1. There was nothing that impressed me to consider ST2. THere are very few libraries to go with it even tho they do sound decent if they are programmed by Sonic Reality for the price.
    I don't see this product in existence in a few years. They are now giving it away with Amplitude purchases.

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    Re: IK Multimedia products

    kitekrazy; it's more like they are giving away Amplitude with ST2 purchases, I think.
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