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Topic: Mac to PC- connections

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    Mac to PC- connections

    Hi there, I have read the last thread on Mac to Pc. Thanks for the input.

    I ams still new to Gigasampler and PC gear.
    I want to get Gigastudio and was thinking of the Motu series Audio Interfaces. But before I decide on buying a dedicated PC I need some help because I cannot invision it in my mind.

    How would I hook up a PC(Gigastudio) to my Mac. Can anyone decribe the process and Hardware routings.

    I just need an idea on how to connect two Computers toghether for Gigastudio.(even PC to PC advice will work.)

    Whats the best way to hook two Computers for optimal performance?

    Which PC will have the Midi and which the Audio (Motu)

    Mac I use for sequencing and burning the cd
    Gigastudio PC I will use only for the sounds thu a sampler.

    I would really appreciate it.


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    Re: Mac to PC- connections

    Basically, you just need to get

    1. Up to 4 ports worth of midi into the PC.
    (4x16 channels = 64 separate midi channels)

    2. A certain number of audio channels out of Giga.

    3. Maybe audio ins - for wav files, sampling, aux send returns for external effects etc., into the giga mixer etc

    You can buy separate midi and audio cards, or there are a few cards (eg Egosys\' Wamibox etc.,) which have both covered to varying degrees.

    Ideally Giga should be on its own PC (which means the PC will need audio and midi card/s), and the Mac should be running the sequencer and recording DAW style audio tracks, (which means it will also need audio and midi card/s).

    Sorry if this sounds expensive and depressing.

    Mind you, this assumes that you want \'pro\' style connections.

    If you don\'t need 64 channels of midi, lots of DSP channels in Giga, and 24 bit audio, it\'s still totally feasible to use a Creative SBLive! sound card with a single midi port. This gives you analog and digital outputs as well as 16 channels of midi - which ain\'t half bad for the price.

    Then you can concentrate on the Mac for your sequencing and final audio.

    I suppose you could also use Giga\'s capture to disk function and then transfer the result to the Mac via a couple of network cards if you wanted to use the Mac for all your high quality audio editing and final output.

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    Re: Mac to PC- connections

    Not sure what the best way to make use of it would be, but the SB Live! actually supports 48 midi channels.

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    Re: Mac to PC- connections

    I\'m using a Mac/PC setup, and I\'m using a MOTU micro express with a parallel connecter to get midi in to the PC(Gigastudio)...seems to work swell...I\'m still new to this myself...


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    Re: Mac to PC- connections

    Well, I just did it, after alot of hassles. It seems like a common issue but there\'s not that much info out there. Anyway, I use MAC for sequencing and audio. The PC is just like a sampler. Setup is:

    MAC 9600
    Protools 24/888 for audio
    MOTU Midi Express XT for midi

    PC - P550
    Gina for Giga out (SPDIF)
    Midiman 4x4 USB Interface

    Run 4 cables from the MOTU out to Midiman In and run RCA from Gina to the 888. Works like a champ - I wish there was a less expensive way to do it but needing the 4 midi ports makes it difficult. I know you can do it with one Midi box for both PC\'s (Emagic Unitor 8 works) - but the midi stuff I got actually cost a bit less.

    Good luck

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