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Topic: HELLP! Crackling sounds...RME Hammerfall setup

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    HELLP! Crackling sounds...RME Hammerfall setup

    Hello can somebody please help me ?..I\'m running Gigastudio on a pentium III 800 (intel 815e chipset) with two IBM Deskstar 100ATA drives...with a RME Hammerfall soundcard with the eight analog outs expander...and I get beautiful Giga sounds with crackling all over it...So close, yet so frustrating...

    Reply greatly appreciated,


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    Re: HELLP! Crackling sounds...RME Hammerfall setup

    Maybe this sheds a light

    from http://www.rme-audio.de/english/index.htm
    Important information on GSIF (Gigasampler Interface) operation

    Performance when using GSIF and ASIO simultaneously

    The performance of simultaneous GSIF/ASIO operation can be much better as it is now, even when using a Hammerfall (which uses no CPU copy routines to achieve the smallest possible GSIF latency). The reason for the bad performance is Gigastudio, which increases the priority of the process msg32.exe from \'normal\' to \'realtime\'. A small decrease to \'high\' will immediately improve audio performance (less crackling and drop outs) and MIDI timing. The Hammerfall then can be used with two steps lower ASIO latency.

    How can one change the priority of a process? You\'ll need the freeware PrcView http://www.teamcti.com/pview/

    This tool shows all active processes and their priority, and also allows to change it in realtime. Start GS, load the sounds, start ASIO (Cubase etc.) and change the priority of msg32.exe from \'Realtime\' to \'High\'. Much more comfortable is the program gsfix.exe www.inet.hr/~nsiskov/GSFIX.htm

    from Nenad Siskov (who discovered this effect), which does this change automatically. Note that it is shareware at this time.

    Please note that the ASIO latency 1.5, 3 and 6 ms isn\'t available during simultaneous GSIF/ASIO operation! The driver automatically activates 46 ms instead.

    Nemesys did not comment so far on an update of GigaX, which would make all the above redundant.

    Chopped or distorted playback after changing the ASIO latency in simultaneous GSIF/ASIO operation

    To avoid this effect set the ASIO latency in the Hammerfall\'s Settings dialog to maximum (186 ms) PRIOR to starting GS and ASIO software. After the start of the programs the latency then can be changed without problems. According to our tests the problem only occurs if the latency is set to a lower value before starting the software (for example 46 ms), and is later increased while running both programs. It seems GSIF can make the buffers smaller (compared to the size at program start), but can\'t increase them.

    Tip: Don\'t change settings after the start of Gigastudio.

    Chopped or distorted playback after changing settings in Gigastudio in simultaneous GSIF/ASIO operation

    Description: The ASIO latency is changed. Then the button Apply is pressed in Gigastudio (for example because of new settings for sample rate or output channels). Result - chopped playback. This is a bug in Gigastudio (confirmed by Nemesys). When pressing \'Apply\' Gigastudio uses a wrong buffersize (the one which was active before the change).

    Tip: Don\'t change settings after the start of Gigastudio.

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    Re: HELLP! Crackling sounds...RME Hammerfall setup

    RME also have a page dealing with USB causing crackling when you have three conditions met simultaneously:

    1. Low latency settings
    2. High midi traffic
    3. Any USB peripheral

    When I read their page the only solutions were to remove one of the three conditions.

    I wasn\'t getting crackling, but I switched away from the USB anyway.

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    Re: HELLP! Crackling sounds...RME Hammerfall setup

    Hey, thanks for the replies, but I\'m not running ASIO and I\'m not using USB. I\'m listening out of the headphone jack of the hammerfall analog expansion. When I get the system running, a completely separate computer will be doing the actual recording..a Mac...
    Can any one help me with the crackling sounds??? Is there any way to test how fast your hard drives are running?

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    Re: HELLP! Crackling sounds...RME Hammerfall setup

    One way to test the speed of your hard drives is to go to this website: http://www.winmag.com/
    On this page, over on the left, there is a menu of options. One of these is \"WinTune\".
    Click on this and you can run a whole series of different tests on you computer, including the speed of your hard drive. Once you have gotten the results on all of the tests, you can rerun the hard drive tests on each on the hard drives in your system.

    Paul George Webb

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    Re: HELLP! Crackling sounds...RME Hammerfall setup

    thanks Paul,
    that\'s a great test website...I figured out my problem. The disk drives (i have ultra 100 ATA) were not running fast enough. I went into the BIOS setup and set the drives to run at 4, the max speed, it works great now...

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