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Topic: Problems with automatic volume resetting

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    Problems with automatic volume resetting

    I got a problem here. If I have to do this every time I push start, I am in deep trouble. The volume keeps resetting itself to zero. I know there is something available for the PC user but not for the Mac,..I think. What can I do here? This is annoying especially if I have more than one instance!
    Can anybody help?
    Thank you!

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    Re: Problems with automatic volume resetting

    Are you speaking of the mod-wheel controlled volume? How are you managing this now? Are you manually, by this I mean, in the Kontakt Player, manually manipulating the virtual mod-wheel? This will always happen if you are doing it that way. That's not what that is meant for. That's a visual indication of mod wheel controller value inside your track. You can move it manually, but it won't stay. What you need to do, assuming you are doing the above, is insert a midi controller message in whatever sequencer/notation program you are using to send modulation (mod wheel) data to the Kontakt Player. This is done by drawing CC data on midi controller #1. If you have questions about this process in your particular application, post the details here and I'll help as much as I can or direct you to an applicable tutorial on Gary's site.

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    Re: Problems with automatic volume resetting

    I do have the mod wheel on my midi controller set up so I can move the volume control but how am I suppose to do that on all instances at the same time? As soon as I hit play, they all reset to zero no matter what track. Are you saying I have to draw in a volume midi message at the beginning of each track where I use the GPO?

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    Re: Problems with automatic volume resetting

    Your sequencer may have an option to turn off "Zero controllers on stop"
    Sonar has this in the options/project menu


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    Re: Problems with automatic volume resetting

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfi228
    Are you saying I have to draw in a volume midi message at the beginning of each track where I use the GPO?
    Yes, but not just at the beginning of each track. Each track should contain cc1 data that "shapes" the expressive contour of each part, often all through the track. Think of it as a dynamic controller that represents air flow for wind instruments and bow motion/pressure for strings. These things are constantly fluctuating and that's how the data is to be applied. It's not just for crescendos and diminuendos (although that is one purpose) but also for subtle changes within notes and phrases - the very things that can bring a part alive. Each part is unique, even if each player is trying to do essentially the same thing. So, the data in each track should be unique as well while often following the same trends. The more individual the parts, the more realistic they will sound; and this applies to cc1 data, note timing, attack strength, etc. No two players ever execute a part in exactly the same way. No single player ever executes a part exactly the same way twice, either. If you examine expert tracks they will most often contain a lot of "hills and valleys" of cc1 data.

    More work? More time-consuming? Yes, indeed. But that's how the best results are achieved and that's how GPO was designed to be used.


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