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Topic: Sounchaser GIGA daw

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    Sounchaser GIGA daw

    I am thinking of buying Soundchasers new 1 rack space Gigastudio P3. Anybody have one of their systems? Will I really get 160 voices and no glitches?

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    Re: Sounchaser GIGA daw

    Greetings all. I have been keeping an eye on this thread, yet no one has replied.
    I too have my eye on this company, but I am also considering a Soundsonics machine as many member s seem to give Dave a thumbs up. However, is there ANYONE out there with some info on soundchaser??? Their site looks great, but i am looking for real-world experiences.

    Didier Rachou

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    Re: Sounchaser GIGA daw

    I got my Sound Chaser Giga machine in November after trying to get Logic and Gigastudio to run on the same 500 MHz machine with only mixed success. The Sound Chaser machine is great. I can load it to the gills (93% on my current piece) with samples ocassionally hitting 160 voices (wish you could reset that thing) and it plays with no trouble whatsoever with one tiny anomaly. I have to load Gigastudio, load it up with samples then close the program. When I reopen it and reload everything is fine otherwise I get odd glitches.

    I\'ve done some serious digging in to this. The Frontier Designs WaveCenter card I\'m using includes some software hooks to Windows System Monitor (nice!) where you can monitor things like IRQ latency. Gigastudio is doing *something* every 120 seconds on my system. The latency numbers reported are 10 times higher the first time I run the program as compared to the second time. One second out of every 120 like clockwork.

    I don\'t think this is a Sound Chaser configuration problem. Every background operation is turned off...

    In any event, sorry for the long post. This is a fine machine (800 MHz, 512 meg, dual ATA-100 drives in a rack case) and the people at Sound Chaser who I\'ve bought a lot of stuff from are great to deal with.


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