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Topic: VSL Opus 1 or EWQL Gold

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    VSL Opus 1 or EWQL Gold

    Hi all
    Maybe an stupid question because the price of one is the double of the other, but im looking is for sound quality and type of sounds (classical, hollywood type.. you know those things...) , so, which of this two orchestral libraries would you recommend me:

    -EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition ($500)
    -Vienna OPUS 1 - Symphonic Orchestra ($900)

    I have heard that the sounds in Opus 1 comes really dry... that wouldnt be a problem cause I use Pristine Space with some noisevault impulses

    By the way I have Gigastudio and im running an Amd 64 with 1.5 gb ram so it wouldnt be a problem to run any of both in my pc.


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    Re: VSL Opus 1 or EWQL Gold

    do a search -- much discussion here in the past. remember you can't use ewql gold in gigastudio at all.

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    Red face Re: VSL Opus 1 or EWQL Gold

    (pssst..... buddy.... over here! The reason nobody is answering this question is because it gets asked every month like clockwork, since it's a natural question to ask... and every time, it starts a 900-post religious war! The last occurence was fairly recent, and so i think everyone's still tuckered out from that one... shh!... suffice it to say that opinions vary. Neither one sounds like crap and they can both sound very lovely! And at the end of the day, that's pretty much all you'll come away with after watching everyone else tear each other's duodenum out! )

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    Re: VSL Opus 1 or EWQL Gold

    Well put. I thought I'd stay out, as I'd don't (yet) own either lib, and they can can both sound great OR like crap. In terms of libs at this caliber, it's the carpenter-not the tools. Or so it would seem to an envious onlooker like me.


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    Re: VSL Opus 1 or EWQL Gold

    Both, of course.

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