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Topic: U.S. Treasury Announces Group Buy

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    U.S. Treasury Announces Group Buy

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    The U.S Treasury wishes to thank the Northern Sounds community for their continued use of money. To express our gratitude, we are having our first ever Group Buy on our currency.

    The Product: 50 count bundles of $20 bills, circulated, Series 1985 or older.


    1-20 Buyers: $900
    21-50 Buyers: $800
    51-100 Buyers: $700
    101+ Buyers: $600

    This Group Buy is valid only during June, 2005, so act now!

    "US currency is my go-to medium of exchange. Its portability and wide acceptance are so convenient, I rely on it almost exclusively for my financial transactions. Since I no longer needed them to obtain goods, I've even sold my goat and cattle herds, giving me more time for composing."

    John Williams, Film Composer

    To participate, click on this link and follow the instructions.

    US Treasury

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    Re: U.S. Treasury Announces Group Buy

    Figures, they'd just have to put them on Group Buy after I paid the full $1000 price for them.

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