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Topic: Need Some Help!

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    Need Some Help!

    I don\'t actually own Gigastudio yet but I know all of the basics about it. But then, I was reading a review on Harmony Central ( http://www.harmony-central.com/Reviews/GigaStudio/ )
    and they said that you need to dedicate a whole computer to the program. Is this what you guys do? Do you have one computer dedicated to Gigastudio and a separate computer doing your sequencing? I really want to know, because I want to know hot to plan my computer(s).
    Doc Bonzai

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    Re: Need Some Help!

    Giving Gigastudio its own PC seems to be the simplest (not cheapest) way to get full polyphony and avoid \'issues\' with audio sequencers.

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    Re: Need Some Help!

    Then what\'s the cheapest method that works?

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    Re: Need Some Help!

    I have a PentiumII 350, WaMi 24 sound card, two hard discs and running Gigastudio and Cubase on the same computer. I have no problem with it. Of course I don´t get full polyphony, around 80 voices at best, and I can´t use a lot of effects when I have a lot of voices because of the slow CPU. But I have no crashes, and I have a lot of fun

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