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Topic: sample->no sound

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    sample->no sound

    Hi.I have a nice sound pad in kontakt but it don\'t play from my key??Midi\'s Ok audio\'s ok. How do i set kontakt for my key to be able to \"see\"it?? [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] Thank\'s

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    Re: sample->no sound

    Hi mamamia,

    can you please describe more precisely what the problem is ? I don´t really understand wha t is happening. You can try the following:

    - Open the mapping editor and click on the keyboard of it beneath the zones. If you hear something, the Keyboard connection is no ok.
    If you do not hear anything, your sound card-settings seem wrong. You can also send me the patch, if you like and I´ll try to find out what´s happening.


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    Re: sample->no sound

    Hi Martin.What i was trying to say is my sound(pad)is there i see the wave it plays when i hit the speaker icon but it\'s nowhere to play from my keyboard.The wave makes a little box on the left down corner in the map editor.I moved it, enlarge it but nothing.no sound.AS i said my Midi\'s OK my audio\'s ok,but it\'s nowhere to play on my key controller.I have a nice Ensonic cd that i would like to cut(samples)but i\'m stuck with that stupid \"maybe i\'m???\"problm. Any help?? Thank\'s

    Thank\'s for helping

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    Re: sample->no sound

    Any help anyone???

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