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Topic: KVM Switches

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    KVM Switches


    I am looking into running a 2 PC setup with one monitor. i am in the market for a really good, bug free KVM switch.

    Here is my question. Do KVM switches have a faster response time when switching with LCD monitors vs. CRT? I have seen CRTs with KVM switches that are a little slow when being switched around. It is like the CRT has to interpret what signal is coming into the screen, then adjust the tube to present the new image.

    Looking forward to hearing some responses on this subject and some recommended KVM switches.

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    Re: KVM Switches


    I use a Belkin Omniview switch box for dual PC setup. I have used it to connect to 3 compuers in the past and I am currently using it with TWO monitors and 2 computers. For my DAW I use both monitors and a dual head card. When I switch to my giga, the left monitor displays the giga box.

    I used to use TIGHTVNC over a network to connect to my other box, but moved back to using cables so I could disconnect the network from the PC's. You might try TightVNC which could save you money.

    i used it with both CRT and LCD, and I don't notice any differences. I don't need to swicth outside of my DAW very often. Once I have my giga set up, I leave it alone.

    Belkin works for me. I use special keystrokes on the keyboard to switch between computers.

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    Re: KVM Switches

    My guess is that if you have both computers set to the same resolution and refresh rate, the CRTs will lock just as fast as LCDs. But that's just a guess.

    I've been using an IOgear 4-port miniview USB KVM, and it works great. My monitors are LCDs, but switching machines takes less than a second.

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    Re: KVM Switches

    Quote Originally Posted by chad73

    I am looking into running a 2 PC setup with one monitor. i am in the market for a really good, bug free KVM switch.
    Another option:



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    Re: KVM Switches

    Ernie, is that different from Remote Desktop or whatever the thing is built into Windows?

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    Re: KVM Switches

    Yeah, it doesn't divert host audio down the LAN to the remote.

    I'm using it at my gigs to control a 2700+ XP / 512gig / 512 meg desktop with a 133mhz / 96 meg / 10 gig laptop over a 10 mb LAN and it's acceptably fast.


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