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Topic: RMX Bounce Q in Logic 7.1

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    Question RMX Bounce Q in Logic 7.1

    Hi. I had a quick question about bouncing RMX files in Logic 7.1. I have set RMX up as a multi (per the pdf file) and have 8 separate channels/tracks for the RMX now. I have created a groove I like by dragging and dropping various MIDI groove elements into the appropriate channels. I would now like to bounce all of those to create corresponding audio files, with one audio file per RMX channel, i.e., the "Dinosaur Generator" synth track would become one long audio file, the drums another, etc. Any suggestions on a good way to do this? I know I can bounce each channel individually and then reimport the resulting audio file, but I didn't know if there was a more efficient way to do this with multiple channels/tracks. Sorry if this is more a Logic question than an RMX one, also. Thanks.


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    Re: RMX Bounce Q in Logic 7.1

    If you assign all 8 parts in RMX to their own outputs, and assign those outputs as inputs to 8 separate Aux tracks, you can then utilize the "Export as Audio" feature.

    The problem lies in that the "export as audio" feature is either ALL tracks in your song, or one.

    Two ways around this...

    A) Put the RMX tracks (Aux tracks) in a folder. Double click into the folder, and use the "Export All Tracks As Audio" feature from within the folder.

    B) Delete all tracks in your song except the RMX Aux tracks (and MIDI tracks, of course), BUT DON'T SAVE. Use the "Export All Tracks As Audio" feature, and then revert to your saved version of the song to get back to where you were.

    Import the new audio files from the audio window onto stereo audio objects.

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    Re: RMX Bounce Q in Logic 7.1

    Thanks, that sounds like it should do the trick. I'll give those methods a try.


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