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Topic: Definetely Go Scssi

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    Definetely Go Scssi

    Well I finally switched and I am glad I did. I got myself a W.D. 10,000 RPM scssi and an adaptec controller and this thing is really smoking. It\'s true guys, if you can afford it, SCSSI is the way to go. Peace.

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    Re: Definetely Go Scssi

    By \'smoking\' I assume you mean that since switching to scsi, you\'re getting 160 polyphony while running a sequencer, audio tracks and asio plugin synths and fx?

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    Re: Definetely Go Scssi

    No Chadwick,
    I never made the switch to Gigastudio because I don\'t need 160 voices. A lot of you guys are doing Orchestra stuff and need as many voices as possible but I am doing R&B and Hip Hop. Gigasampler works fine for me. Scsi benfits me most after I capture to wave with Giga and start to process audio. I use Cakewalk 9.03 which has disk meters to allow monitoring of Disk and CPU performance . I noticed that when I was using IDE the disk meter was up around 15 to 20 percent while the CPU meter was around 6 percent. This was with the fastest W.D. 7200 RPM drive (W.D. Expert)that I was using to process Cakewalk audio. I now have readings in the 6 to 7 percentile on the disk meter, 3 to 4 percent on the CPU meter and seem to have a much more stable system and am experiencing far fewer dropouts. I never had any problems with IDE and Gigasampler. The Maxtor Diamondmax Plus drive with the 9.0 ms seek time that I use for Gigasampler seemes to get the job done. Peace.

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    Re: Definetely Go Scssi

    If you weren\'t getting 64 voices out of your IDE drive there must have been some other kind of problem!

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