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Topic: SCSI in onother room

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    SCSI in onother room

    I bought myself some screaming scsi Cheetah\'s. However they make too much noise ofr the studio environment.

    I could put them in the next room either on a fast ethernet connected PC or via a long scsi cable directly connected to my gigaDAW.

    What is to be preferred performancewise?
    - sustain rate
    - access times
    - reliability


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    Re: SCSI in onother room

    Hi Elle,

    Another option would be to leave the SCSI disks and CPU(s) together in one room and run long USB/PS-2/VGA monitor cables to your control room/work area. This would be a lot cheaper and more reliable than running long SCSI cables. Also, depending on what flavor of SCSI you use, you may not be able to run long SCSI cables.

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    Re: SCSI in onother room

    Thx Doug,
    Yes I forgot the Belkin option. That would performance-wise be the best solution I suppose.

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