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Topic: Pro Tools LE on a WinXp Laptop?

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    Pro Tools LE on a WinXp Laptop?

    Is anyone here successfully using a Pro Tools MBox on a WinXp laptop? I have tried everthing and can not get this combination to work correctly. Any ideas?



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    Re: Pro Tools LE on a WinXp Laptop?

    For all of my PTLE needs, I go to the Digidesign User Conference. Go to digidesign.com, click on 'Support' at the top, then 'User Conference'. Scroll down to this link, "Pro Tools LE Systems on Windows: 002, 002R, 001, Mbox, AM3", and post your question there - or you might want to look at the "Best Laptops for PTLE" thread, but it is 141 pages long. Good luck.

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