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Topic: Remix Instrument?

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    Remix Instrument?

    Curious as to why RMX is considered a remix tool. I am not so aware of the specific creative processes involved in remixing, but it would almost seem unfair to label it as such.

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    Re: Remix Instrument?

    I think the idea is that the lion's share of the core library is processed or "remixed", hence the name. I love the acoustic drum Xpanders though, which not only sound great alone but mixed with "remixed" groove elements. RMX is truly a great achievement.

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    Re: Remix Instrument?

    Ah, so a reference to the samples used in the core library rather than any indication of rmx's user function. That makes sense.

    Thanks, Sean

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    Re: Remix Instrument?

    RMX = Remix

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    Re: Remix Instrument?

    That's correct....and coupled with the idea that Stylus is a reference to a vinyl LP record needle. The focus of RMX as an instrument is squarely in the modern remix area...which covers a lot of musical ground, but is specifically NOT oriented towards acoustic genres like traditional jazz, etc.

    The idea is that Remixing/Contemporary genres are the starting point, then you can expand from there into other genres and your own material. RMX is not really limited by the "Remix" focus, but it does have a very clear and intentional design emphasis in this area as the core concept.

    All the design decisions for RMX were based from the point of view of real-time remixing grooves and what's needed for creating modern beats and unique sounding rhythms. These same remix concepts apply to a lot of other genres as well, especially when you use different Xpanders or REX libraries...the possibilities are nearly endless.


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    Re: Remix Instrument?

    Nice, because for my taste, I would rather hear "traditional" jazz thrown down with a live drummer, bass, etc., anyway.
    Rmx is absolutely wonderful and consistently inspiring to work with. In fact, I only wonder if it's too good sometimes! I really have to compose away from it's power, and come to it with a clear idea of what I am looking for because everything sounds so good, it's easy to become distracted from a vision.

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