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Topic: Bomb threat at school!

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    Exclamation Bomb threat at school!

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    There was a bomb threat at school written on the boy's bathroom wall discovered today that threatened to blow up the school May 27th!!!
    Wait..........THAT'S TODAY!!!! (panic)

    Wish me luck, I'm going in!

    The county sheriff people and the state police and their dogs came and found no bombs. But now today I can't bring my backpack in which means I have to carry ALL of my books.
    What a chore!

    Wish me luck!


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    Re: Bomb threat at school!

    And that's even worse than the worm in the other thread.

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    Re: Bomb threat at school!

    Since I don't feel like rewriting the whole story, I'll just post a copy of what my mom posted on her forum. (with my own added smilies, of course!)

    My 9th grade son came home with a note from School on this past Thursday (6/16/05). The letter from the school was informing parents of a bomb threat found on a Boy's Room wall on Wednesday 6/15 saying that there was a bomb planted/planned to go off on Friday 6/17. The letter from the school said that the State Police & Sherrif's department had searched the school with detection equiptment and dogs the night that the "threat" was found. They stated that on Friday, "Bomb Day" there would be no backpacks or purses allowed in school and the police/sherriffs dept K-9 crew would have a strong presence during the day. They did not cancel school though as they imagined it to be a Senior Prank or something.

    The tale as told from my son's point of view. He suprised me by coming home on the bus after telling me that he would have to stay after school to make up a test. He had the note in his hand and all afternoon activities were cancelled for more searches & security.

    "When we got to school Thursday, there were State Police, Sherrif's deputies and K-9 units present. Each student would enter school through one door, single file, one at a time. It was like a HUGE funnel. Everybody was late to 1st period but excused do the security measures. There were rumors of a bomb threat while waiting on line to get into school. It was at the Morning Announcements that the student body was told of a bomb threat and that everthing was secure, but after school activities were cancelled.

    "Friday (Bomb Day) arrived. Once again school entry was by single file, no backpacks or purses allowed (those who did not compy were searched). The school swarmed with police and Sherrif's Deputies. Only about half of the students showed up!
    One of my friends asked his dad that morning if he could stay home from school because of the bomb scare. His dad replied, "Haha. Boom. Haha! Go to school!"
    One student, noted as a prankster, brought a picnic basket to school and skipped down the halls wishing all a "Happy Bomb Day!" He was interrogated. The day wore on without a BOOM, until 7th period. The fire alarms sounded and I got the longest, most intense adrenalin rush I'd ever had. Then I figured it was just another fire drill--it just HAPPENED to be on bomb day and the fire department just HAPPENED to be there and the police and their dogs just HAPPENED to start searching the building and the teachers just HAPPENED to have the same adrenalin rush I had, and we just HAPPENED to be told to get as far away from the building as possible, and the road in fron of our school just HAPPENED to be closed off .......OK, so it was another scare. We sat in the front lawn of the school out by the road for a whole half hour. Then we were herded like sheep to the football feild, which was further from the building. Literally, we were herded like a flock of sheep--teachers behind us moving foreward, pushing us in the direction they wanted. We waited on the field for probably a good two hours. Then it was announced that the busses would be coming soon and that we had to group up with our bus. Well, I ride bus #9, and #9 does two routes, so there was quite a confusion there. When it was all sorted out we waited with our bus for another hour. During this whole time we were outside nobody was allowed into the building for any reason whatsoever. The busses finally arrived and we started walking to #9. Our bus was filled with strange people. What were they doing there? Well, it just so turns out that we have the SECOND route for our bus, so we had to wait another 45 minuets. I finally got home at 3:30, as opposed to my usual 3:00. It would have been much quicker just to walk.

    "Since the building was locked for the whole duration of this mess, I had no way of getting my homework, therefore there is absolutely no way I can possibly do it! There are upsides to these sorts of things!

    "Well, it turns out that the high school is on a 24-hour watch by the police untill the END of the school year! It's only three more weeks, but WOW!! They take this crap seriously!!

    "There is a Memorial day parade sceduled for Monday morning, and my flute and music is in the now locked down school. I have no idea what's going to happen, if I can get into the school or WHEN to show up WHERE!"

    Now we are talking a regional High School, with 5 feeder towns. We live among farms, cows, horses and good ol' american white trashed infiltrated with urban area excapees.

    I don't know what to make of it.

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    Re: Bomb threat at school!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    Wait!!!! Stop!!! I may have gotten it wrong ---



    Nice, Ern!

    great job!

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    Re: Bomb threat at school!

    I always go to cut a wire and then with three seconds until detonation I suddenly switch and cut the other wire. Never fails.
    I remain solely responsible for the content of my messages, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless northern sound source, and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of my message(s). Rock on.

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    Re: Bomb threat at school!

    I talked to Macgyver. It's the red wire. And then you have to use some bubble gum to seal it off.
    "They get what they vote for." PaulR

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