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Topic: No modulation wheel

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    Unhappy No modulation wheel

    I'm quite interested in this GPO group buy, but wonder if I have a major problem with my setup: I've got Logic Express 7.1 and an Edirol PCR-50 MIDI keyboard controller--which has no modulation wheel.

    How serious is that, given that volume is controlled by the mod wheel in GPO? Obviously, I can go into Logic's Matrix Edit and automate modulation settings, but does anyone have any idea whether the lack of a modulation wheel will be a serious problem in actually recording GPO?


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    Re: No modulation wheel

    I believe the Edirol PCR-50 has programmable faders. You can program one of them to CC1 which is modulation.

    Get the group buy while it's at this price!

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    Re: No modulation wheel

    The Edirol PCR-50 does have a modulation wheel. The pitch wheel controls modulation when pushed up and down (left/right controls pitch, up/down controls modulation).

    Only problem is it springs back to 0, so you're probably better off programming one of your sliders for modulation (cc1).

    push "Edit" then move a slider. hit "enter a few times until there's a lowercase n and a number. change that number to "1" by inc/dec or just punching it in. that's how i do it on my pcr-80, and i assume it's the same on the pcr50.


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    Re: No modulation wheel

    The presence of a mod wheel on your keyboard is primarily to facilitate real time keyboard entry, but is not absolutely necessary - mod wheel data, as you said, can always be drawn in later. It's just that it feels more immediate and intuitive to do it while you are playing. However, as others have pointed out, if you can assign mod wheel control to a slider it works just as well.

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    Re: No modulation wheel

    Quote Originally Posted by CallMeZoot
    The Edirol PCR-50 does have a modulation wheel.. . .
    Gakk! I'm feeling like a bit of an idiot, but I never realized that my keyboard offered modulation via that means. When I bought it, I was such a newbie that I didn't even know what modulation was, and I've never noticed that the bend lever can be pushed back. Can't wait to go home and try that.

    As for programming assignments as you suggest, this is something I've never understood how to do. I've known that controller message 1 is modulation, but never understood how to take advantage of that. The way CallMeZoot describes it seems straightforward enough, though such things sometimes prove more complicated when you don't really know what you're doing. Do you happen to know of an online (or offline) resource that offers more info on that realm of MIDI control/programming?

    In any case, thank you both for your help, and yes, I almost certainly will jump on GPO at this price--I've been eyeing it for awhile even at full price.

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    Re: No modulation wheel

    Also note that the Edirol PCR series has a software configuration tool that will let you set all of your knobs and sliders and save them as a configuration: it steps you through the process. Very handy if you don't want to program directly from the keyboard's edit mode.

    I set the rightmost slider of my PCR-30 to be CC#1/Mod Wheel. Works great.

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