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Topic: two voices on one key

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    two voices on one key

    When I load a GPO project in FL Studio, most of the loaded instrumets show that it is playing two voices when I'm pressing one key. This problem goes away when I reload that instrument. But having to reload all the instruments after loading a project is a tedious task, especially when there are many instruments to load. Is there any way to fix this? I was thinking that a "reload all instruments" function would be nice in this case.

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    Re: two voices on one key

    This sound a bit strange? I use FL Studio 5, and have not experienced the problem You describe... How do You set up GPO in FL Studio? Have You got an flp-file that I can have a look (if we can't solve it on-line)?


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    Re: two voices on one key

    Here's a link to my latest project:

    I use two Kontakt and 16 midi channels.

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    Re: two voices on one key

    I tried using an older version of FL Studio, as well as an older version of Kontakt, but I still have that problem. I also tried to export the project bones, then replace the Kontakt channel with the exported one, but that didn't work either. If only there was a Reload All Instruments function, I'd be able to actually finish old projects without having to spend time loading all the instruments individually.

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