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Topic: Installing GS 3 with Aardvark 24/96

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    Question Installing GS 3 with Aardvark 24/96

    Hello. Am writing to ask those Aardvark users out there what is the best way to install GS 3 on a system using an Aardvark Direct Pro 24/96, most recent Win XP drivers available (7.13). I've seen on this forum that some folks are successfully using GS 3 with Aardvark interfaces.

    Current system is a Dell Dimension 8300, 1.5 GB RAM, P4 3.0 Ghz, Win XP SP2 home, separate 7200 RPM EIDE hard drives for OS and music data, GS 2.54 (the 96 voice variety), Sonar Producer Ed. 4. Runs just fine using the Aardvark. In Sonar, have been using the Aardvark WDM-A drivers, with Sonar showing a latency of 3.3 ms.

    Recently went for the GS 3 Ensemble Upgrade due to $50 discount in Tascam newsletter. Went last nite to install GS 3. Installation itself went o.k., but it seemed to corrupt my Aardvark driver. At first, GS 3 recognized the driver as audio hardware but not as midi ins and outs. Then when I opened Sonar, that software suddenly told me I had no MIDI devices chosen, and the Aardvark was no longer a choice.

    I then uninstalled and reinstalled the Aardvark, and then GS 3 failed to recognize the Aardvark as an audio device, but it did list "Aardvark Audio" as a midi device. When I opened Sonar, it told me I had no midi devices chosen, and while it presented "Aardvark Audio" as a choice, when I chose that it continued to tell me I had not chosen a midi device.

    I then tried uninstalling GS and the Aardvark, and installing GS 3 and the Aardvark in that order. Same result as last attempt.

    At this point I decided to restore my system back to its pre-GS 3 install state with a recent Ghost image I had made. So I am back to where I was before, with GS 2.54 and all working properly. But I would like to get GS 3 going right! Any advice?

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    Smile Re: Installing GS 3 with Aardvark 24/96

    What, no replies? :-) It's just as well. I got everything going right in a separate partition with a clean install in the following order: OS, all device drivers _except_ the Aardvark, GS 3.0, GS 3.04 patch, Sonar PE 4, and _then_ the Aardvark drivers. After that configured GS and then Sonar. Seems to work just fine. Posting this in case it helps anybody else.

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    Re: Installing GS 3 with Aardvark 24/96

    Are you keeping in touch with what is going on with Aardvark cards?
    IS a 3rd party going to be developing drivers? Seems like such a shame a card like this is at it's end.

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