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Topic: compiling one instrument from 2?

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    compiling one instrument from 2?

    Hello all,

    If i have two GS instruments with samples assigned from c3 to c4. How do i go about merging them into one instrument. If they were wav files i could just set up another instrument..but with GS instruments i cant access the wavs. Is there an easy way to do this.

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    Re: compiling one instrument from 2?

    some-one..anyone..please delete the duplicate posts..i did it off line and then god knows what happenned.

    sorry JP

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    Re: compiling one instrument from 2?

    have you tried to export the waves from the GS instrument and reload them into the other instrument ? It´s easy: Mark the waves using shift or control keys and press the right-mouse button for the context menu. You will find an item \"Export samples\".

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    Re: compiling one instrument from 2?

    The export wave function that Horst mentioned is the way to go for now. The editor is being revamped and will support cut, copy and past of regions and istruments etc.
    Take care

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