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Topic: musical box sounds ???

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    Question musical box sounds ???

    Hello everyone!

    I got this strange request to compose an intro for a song that requires a musical box except.."old Russian type" ..hmmm...is there any musical multisamples out there??

    any tips would be greatly appreciated!



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    Re: musical box sounds ???

    Yves, depending on how fast you need it - my mom has one of those old music boxes that I could multisample each tone from for you maybe this weekend? If you don't find it anywhere else - might make a cool Bela D Freebie.
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    Re: musical box sounds ???

    I've got one for you in Kontakt format. I recorded it myself so it's unique. Kontakt me offline if you want it.

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    Re: musical box sounds ???

    Checkout Plugsound's Free module - www.plugsound.com. It's got a music box sample on it that's great, as well as some other really useful guitars and stuff. And it's free.......

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    Re: musical box sounds ???

    I've tried sampling one as well but i had no good mic.
    You'll need something that makes it louder . What you can do is take out the mechanism and "glue" it to an acoustic guitar, then play the notes/metal tongues with a needle . Sounds quite good
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    Re: musical box sounds ???

    Hey Yves, you could also check this very nice dry glockenspiel out :


    "Contributed by: Steven Parke

    Played with both both brass and mallet"

    The Glockenspiel Brass sounds a lot like a music box, all you have to do is just make the decay a bit smaller and anti-quantize your notes a bit so it sounds like a music box.
    Theo Krueger - Composer


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    Re: musical box sounds ???

    Darn all you zealously helpful people. The idea of the Bela D freebie was fantastic, but then along you all come and make it unnecessary....

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    Thumbs up Re: musical box sounds ???

    wow!! hey guys!! thanks sooo much for your help!! that's really cool!
    I have gigastudio and EXS 24.
    Hey Alan ! i'm not so much in a rush but would need to deliver by june 4th or 5th..I would love to hear your samples if it's not too much asking!
    you are very generous !
    let me know what you can do!

    this is truly a great forum !!

    thanks so much again!!



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    Re: musical box sounds ???

    Hi there,

    PM me if you want one i sampled for an album i produced in January.
    It's actually sitting somewhere within the realm of halftones with it's intonation, but i think that makes it all the cooler!

    You can pitch shift it to the key if you need too.

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    Re: musical box sounds ???

    Five years ago I wrote a song with intro for piano and music box. I just used the multisample in my Korg is40 and it was charming. A high celeste sound (real or sampled) can do the trick also, especially if it's a bit 'clacky' on the attack. These sounds are very evocative. As for the Russian thing, I'm not sure - I have a concert pianist friend from St. Petersburg who might have some advice. I'll ask Svetlana and let you know if you like.

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