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Topic: Video Card

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    Video Card

    Can anyone out there recommend a video card that is proven not to interfere or cause problems? Peace

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    Re: Video Card

    I\'m using an ASUS V7700 video board with absolutely no problems. My acceleration is set to full. This uses the Nvidia GEForce 2 GTS chipset. Any board with this chipset should be fine.

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    Re: Video Card

    The problem I\'ve run into is IRQ sharing between the AGP slot and the adjacent PCI slot. Usually one of the other PCI slots shares it\'s IRQ with the USB bus as well. That can really limit your options as far as where to put your sound cards. I use an old 8 meg ATI AGP card because it\'s one of the few graphics cards that can run without an IRQ. I\'ve been told that the Matrox G400 also has a non-bus-mastering mode that doesn\'t use an IRQ but I haven\'t tried this myself. It is my experience that audio and video cards cannot share an IRQ reliably, even when their drivers are supposed to be able to share IRQs.

    Laurence Kingston

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